Freestyle & Jump

Ischgl Snowpark

What truly ups the fun factor on your day at the Silvretta Arena? What makes skiing awesome? And what’s the icing on your winter fun cake? The freshly redesigned Ischgl Snowpark powered by JEEP.

Jumper and freestylers get to look forward to two park-areas, a funline and a bagjump. Racers and speed addicts to the speedline in the middle of it all. That’s how you’ll have even more fun on your ski day at the Silvretta Arena and plenty of amazing holiday memories to tell your friends about.

Snowpark shapers make sure that the Ischgl Snowpark is in tip-top shape every single day. Daily snow fun guaranteed!

Are you ready to discover Ischgl’s brand new winter play area? And to be wowed by the surprises it holds in store? Then you are ready for Ischgl!